Rebecca M. Revere, MA
I highly recommend stopping in. You won’t regret it! I walk by every day and got curious to pop in and ask, since I needed my hair done. Nailah, who is the owner of the salon is a lot more than three words but the ones I would choose are: educational, passionate and fun. She was happy to answer all the questions I had about hair and very patient in doing so. To me, it’s clear that she cares a lot about her craft and doing well. She gives you the power and autonomy of making decisions about your hair while giving you confident counsel about what works best based on her experience. Nailah is very inclusive, welcoming all creeds and colors of clients. She knows good customer service and that’s something we can all value. Can’t say enough great things about my experience. I will continue seeing her as long as I can!

Daysi, M. London, United Kingdom
Nailah is a star. She was able to manage my very Dominican hair to perfection. Got a blow dry and eyebrows done.

Sophia, B. Boston, MA
I got an amazing blowout at Bonita after walking in this morning. Nailah asked me questions about what style I was looking for and got me in and out in about 40 minutes. I loved the style, the products, the salon, and the conversation, and I’ll definitely be back for future blowouts. Price is slightly lower/comparable to similar services at larger chains.

Kate V. Charlestown, MA
Nailah is – without a doubt – one of the best hidden gems in New England! I struck gold when I found her to be my hair stylist. She also did my hair and my bridesmaids hair for my wedding, and I could not have been more thrilled! I have never received so many compliments on my hair as I have since Nailah started taming my locks!

The best thing about Nailah is that she will come to you. You get all the amenities, skill, and quality products of a salon trip without having to schedule around the salon’s hours. She goes way above and beyond to make sure to fit you into her busy schedule. There is no fighting for parking, or wishing you had remembered to bring your favorite book/ipad/magazine with you (not that you’ll need those, she’ll keep you in stitches the whole time!). She makes you feel like you have been friends for years in a matter of minutes, and her level of skill and professionalism is unrivaled. 

I highly recommend Nailah – working with her will be one of the best beauty decisions you ever made!

Jenevieve A. Somerville, MA
Owner Nailah is doing great things in East Somerville.  If you need a quick blow out their newly open Blow Dry Bar is the perfect solution.  Bonita Hair Salon welcomes all hair textures and also do extensions and their special events with champagne sounds like a ton of fun!